Welcome to Achievement in Music!

AIM is a non-competitive evaluation program for students of UMTA teachers, designed to help students progress through ten levels of Performance, Technique, Sight-Reading, Theory, and Ear Training. Participating students receive written feedback from trained adjudicators, as well as a certificate and medal for each level they pass. A student who completes all upper levels will be well prepared to enter college as a music major, or to enjoy making music throughout their lives.

The first AIM program was developed in 1964 by Beulah B. Ford, and was originally called the Achievement Plan Program. The program has undergone many revisions and upgrades since then.

AIM is designed with the following goals for the UMTA students and teachers:

Goals for the Student

  • To provide an educational program for students that provides opportunities to develop their musical talents and prepares them to successfully function in a variety of musical roles.
  • To foster the development of basic musical skills:
    • Fluency in sight reading
    • Understanding of theory as it relates to technique, ear training and performance
    • Adequate technical skills for an artistic performance
    • Knowledge and mastery of repertoire from the historical periods
    • Sensitivity to musical style and development of the ear

Goals for the Teacher

  • To provide an educational curriculum that connects the areas of technique, theory, sight reading, ear training, and performance.
  • To foster excellence in music education through the development of standards and guidelines with testing and evaluation.
  • To provide support in nurturing professional standards in the music teaching profession throughout the state of Utah.
  • To encourage excellence by establishing minimum standards of achievement for students.