UMTA Concerto Competitions

The 2024 UMTA Piano Concerto Competition will be held February 2-3, 2024.
The 2024 UMTA Instrumental Concerto Competition will be held February 9-10, 2024.
Both competitions will be held in-person at Daynes Music in Midvale. Each entrant must be accompanied by a live accompanist.

Registration opens January 2nd each year and closes at 6:00 p.m. on January 16th each year. Please don’t wait to register until the last minute as no exceptions are made to this deadline.

Entrant age is determined as of January 1st of the competition year.

Honors Recital for all Concerto Winners, Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at Dumke Recital Hall, University of Utah. Admission is free.

UMTA Concerto Competition Rules and Instructions

2024 UMTA Piano Concerto Competition Results:

Elementary Division:
1st place: Maxwell Ji, (Ning Lu)
2nd place: Natalie Sun, (Ning Lu)
3rd place: Crystal Jiang, (Ning Lu)

Junior High Division:
1st place: Christina Sung (Jihea Hong-Park)
2nd place: Elise Watanabe (Vera Watanabe)
3rd place: Olivia Jiang (Ning Lu)
HM: Tyne Bryant (Irene Fox)
HM: Brooklyn Lee (Vedrana Subotic)

Senior High Division:
1st place: Bennett Larsen (Esther Ahn)
2nd place: Isabella Bueno (Koji Attwood, Vera Watanabe)
3rd place: Kelsey Berges (Scott Holden)
HM: Zibo Wang (Ning Lu, Jie Lu)

Collegiate Division:
1st place: Tim McKay (Scott Holden)
2nd place: Amberlee Abbott (Jihea Hong-Park)
3rd place: Ian Patterson (Jihea Hong-Park)
HM: Yanqi Wang (Ning Lu, Jie Lu)

2024 UMTA Instrumental Concerto Competition Results:

High School:
1st place: Leah Keyes (Nancy Toone)

1st place: Lillie Gardner (Tina Castellanos)

High School:
1st place: Whitney Baron (Chandelle Fairbanks)
2nd place: Octavia Gordon (Eugene Watanabe)

Double Concerto High School Division:
1st place: Jenna Hyde and Arianna Shamy (Morgan Shamy and Asheley Watabe)

1st place: Alina Baron (Amy Baron)