UMTA Composition Competition

The UMTA composition competition is open to Utah residents and teachers only. It is held primarily to give as many students as possible the opportunity to experiment with composing. The low entry fee helps accomplish this.

Registration opens March 1st and closes April 30th each year. All applications will be made online through the registration link below. Parents and/or student need to complete the application. Payment is made online after all entry information is completed.

Once payment has cleared, the parent/student will receive an email indicating payment was received. If you hit the “Back to Merchant” button, you will get an Error message. Ignore it. You will still receive the confirmation email that will contain a link to upload the pdf and mp3 of the composition. You will receive verification that your registration is complete after the files have been uploaded.

Fees: (UMTA member teacher)
Elementary (ages 5-10): $10
Junior (ages 11-14): $15
Senior (ages 15-18): $20
Collegiate/Adult (ages 19+): $25

All non-UMTA teacher entries are $45

Registration (closed)

2023 UMTA State Composition Winners