2023 State Conference

Thank you to all who contributed their time, talent, and expertise to this year’s State Conference. It was a wonderful time to be together and to learn skills that will last a life time.

2023 UMTA Conference Memories

We would also like to express our sincere thanks to all the presenters at the 2023 UMTA Conference. They have graciously shared handouts and slide presentations for you to review. Enjoy!

Handouts and Slides for Conference Presentations

Christian Bohnenstengal –Body Mapping

Renee Chiu –The Rising Generation of Social Impact Leaders

Laurisa Cope –Masterclass: Mary’s Magical Bag

Emily Ezola –Starting Strong with Beginning and Intermediate Students

Bonnie Jack –AIM Higher -New Program 2024

Bonnie Jack –AIM Higher (slides)

Bonnie Jack –AIM 101 -Introduction to AIM

Bonnie Jack –AIM 101 (slides)

Fabio Manchetti –The Might Five

Selim Palmgren –Bridging the Gap Between Romanticism and Impressionism

Angela Toone – Certification

Angela Toone –My First Piano

University of Utah –Expecting Great Things

Yvette Zobell –Exploring Composition and Improvisation (slides)

Yvette Zobell –Composition and Improvisation (handout)

Yvette Zobell –Teacher Accompaniments for Improvisation