Benefits of UMTA

As a collegiate student of music, there are many benefits to joining UMTA. Here are just a few…

  1. Regular chapter meetings are held for teacher and business development where guest presenters demonstrate how to teach various technique, theory, practice skills, etc.. They also share ideas and resources for running a successful music studio.
  2. State and national competitions, held yearly, feature students in all instrument areas, as well as composition. Performance Evaluations, held yearly, give opportunity to perform and receive feedback from qualified judges. Honors Recitals, held yearly, give the opportunity to perform for peers, university staff, the community, family and friends.
  3. Registration is discounted for collegiate members at both the UMTA State Conference and MTNA National Conference.  Conferences include master classes, technology and informational sessions, pedagogy sessions, exhibit hall, evening concerts and much more. Opportunities are given for collegiate presentations on both state and national levels.
  4. Networking, one of UMTA’s most valuable benefits. Building connections, interacting with others in the field of music, establishing relationships, and creating lasting impressions are all beneficial for both professional and personal growth. Through UMTA, collegiate students have the opportunity to learn from others’ success, become inspired, share their knowledge and ideas, and have the opportunity to view things from a different perspective.

At UMTA, we know you want to be an impactful music teacher. To do that, we need continuing education motivation and resources to support both business and life.

We believe that impactful music teachers can change the world through their positive influence on others. We understand that we can make a bigger impact when we work together, which is why UMTA gathers valuable resources and colleagues in one accessible space.

JOIN UMTA today and start creating a more meaningful impact on the world around you through music.