MTNA Performance Competitions

Contact Information

MTNA Instrumental Performance Chair
Andrea Bailey
Cell: 435-890-0608

MTNA Piano Performance Chair
Jihea Hong-Park

2022 MTNA Performance Competitions
including Composition Competition

The Instrumental Performance Competition will be held October 20-22, 2022.

The Piano Performance Competition will be held October 27-29, 2022.

All competitions will be held at Daynes Music in Midvale.

The deadline for both competitions is 1:00 p.m. MST on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. No exceptions.

2022 MTNA/UMTA Winner Results

Judge: Joseph Sowa, Massachusetts

Elementary Division:
Winner: Alician Zhang, student of Kevin Olson

Junior Division:
Winner: Elijah Hemingway, student of Stephen Allen

Senior Division:
Winner: Spencer Sanders, student of Kevin Olson
Honorable Mention: Anson Baliel, student of Tricia West

Young Artist Division:
Winner: Ian Wagman, student of Vedrana Subotic

String: LeeAnn Morgan, Richard Hoyt, Leslie Henrie
Woodwind: Luca de la Florin, Lorinda Atwater, Jeiran Hasan
Voice: Melissa Mills

Junior String:
Winner: Whitney Baron, student of Chandelle Fairbanks
Alternate: Dalloway Smith student of Lauren Posey
Honorable Mention: Deann Huang student of Eugene Watanabe

Senior String:
Winner: Ezekiel Sokoloff student of Eugene Watanabe
Alternate: Evelyn Meiwes student of William Hagen
Honorable Mention: Alina Baron student of Chandelle Fairbanks

Young Artist String Representative: Madeleine Riding, student of Monte Belknap

Junior Woodwind:
Winner: Molly Pickett, student of Cindy Henderson
Alternate: Olivia Iachimcuic student of April Clayton

Senior Woodwind:
Winner: Leah Keyes, student of Nancy Toone
Alternate: Leah Saxon, student of Rebecca Chapman

Young Artist Woodwind:
Winner: Lillian Hatch, student of Lisa Byrnes
Alternate: Kendra Hamblin, student of Rebecca Chapman
Honorable Mention: Mickayla Hunter, student of Rebecca Chapman

Young Artist Voice:
Winner: Jacob Kenison, student of Lawrence Gee
Alternate Liliena Pupua, student of Lawrence Gee

Dr. Drew Le (Ohio)
Dr. Amy Gustafson (Pennsylvania)
Dr. Sookkyung Cho (Michigan)

Junior Division:
Winner: Christina Sung, student of Jihea Hong-Park
Alternate: Olivia Jiang, student of Jie Lu
Honorable Mentions: Victor Young, student of Ning Lu

Senior Division:
Winner: Samuel Lu, student of Ning Lu and Jie Deng Lu
Alternate: Jillian Smith, student of Irene Fox
Honorable Mentions: Conrad Flake, student of Ning Lu

Young Artist Division:
Winner: Chia-Ying (Julia) Shen, student of Yu-Jane Yang
Alternate: Jacob Warnick, student of Jihea Hong-Park
Honorable Mentions: Beth VanDam, student of Ralph Van der Beek/Christian Nielsen, a student of Stephen Beus