UMTA Performance Evaluations

Contact Information

Performance Evaluations Chair
Sean Steiner

UMTA hosts Performance Evaluations across the state in early Fall. Participation ranges from 250 to 400 musicians each year. Well-qualified judges provide insightful comments which benefit students and teachers, alike. This is not a competitive event.

Judges in each region select the top performers (20%) per age division. These participants are then invited to perform at the Honors Recitals held in conjunction with the UMTA State Conference, the first weekend of November.

UMTA teachers are encouraged to send students with polished memorized repertoire to the regional events in all playing levels from beginning to advanced. All instruments are welcomed, including piano duets. (One piano provided at evaluations and honors recital.) The public is invited to attend the UMTA Honors Recitals at no charge. These recitals provide an excellent way to see some of the best performers within each age group from around the state.

Who can participate in the online auditions?

Anyone can audition EVEN IF THEY HAVE ALREADY TRIED AND WERE NOT CHOSEN to perform in one of the recitals at Daynes. They pay the fee once more for another chance and another written critique from a different judge. 20% of the top performances will be chosen from each category to be included in (one of) the online recital(s).

Students entering the Duet category (this includes threesomes) may not record their solo part against a pre-recorded professional recording. One partner should record first, then send to second partner, who in turn records their part with the use of headphones and adds their track to the first partnerís track. Repeat if third partner is involved.

There are some apps that allow one student to play their part, then send the recording on to someone else to add their part. The app Acapella from PicPlayPost is one that does this. The acapella app may have a one week free trial period, so students could potentially use this app to record and submit their duets without any charge.