UMTA Concerto Competitions

Contact Information

Instrumental Concerto Competition Chair
Patrice Hunt
Cell: 435-632-6733

Piano Concerto Competition Chair
Cassandria Mayfield

The 2022 UMTA Instrumental Concerto Competition will be held February 4-5, 2022.

The 2022 UMTA Piano Concerto Competition will be held February 11-12.

Both competitions will be held in-person at Daynes Music in Midvale. Each entrant must be accompanied by a live accompanist.

Registration opens January 2, 2022 and closes at 11:59 p.m. on January 16, 2022.

Entrant age is determined as of January 1, 2022.

The 2022 competition will be in-person at Daynes Music in Midvale, unless circumstances with COVID change.

** An Honors Recital for all Concerto Winners is tentatively scheduled at the Russell/Wanlass Recital Hall at Utah State University in Logan, Utah on Saturday, March 12th. Time TBA

2021 Concerto Competition Results

1st place winners performance may be viewed by clicking on their name.

Instrumental Concerto Results:

String Concerto Winners
Junior High Division Winners:
1st: Della Gardner, student of Eugene Watanabe
2nd: Brooklyn Thatcher, student of Eugene Watanabe
3rd: Whitney Baron, student of Chandelle Fairbanks

High School Division Winners:
1st: Alina Baron, student of Chandelle Fairbanks
2nd: Elizabeth LeBaron, student of Shi-Hwa Wang

Collegiate Division Winners:
1st: Sean Huang, student of Shi-Hwa Wang
2nd: Wiktoria Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk, student of Shi-Hwa Wang

Winds Concerto Winners:
Elementary Division Winners
1st: Molly Pickett, student of Cindy Henderson

Junior High Division Winners
1st: Olivia Iachimciuc, student of Nancy Toone
2nd: Leah Keyes, student of Nancy Toone

High School Division Winners:
1st: Lillie Gardner, student of Cindy Henderson
2nd: David Bennet, student of Cindy Henderson
3rd: Rebecca Fleming, student of Nancy Toone

Collegiate Division Winners
1st: Isaac Sanabria, student of Christian Smith
2nd: Sarah Johnson, student of April Clayton

Piano Concerto Results:

Elementary Division Winners:
1st: Shelby R. Gan,
student of Luke Hancock
2nd: Alvin Gao, student of Luke Hancock
3rd: Brooklyn Lee, student of Whitney Pizza
HM: Edward Yida Pan, student of Luke Hancock

Junior High Division Winners:
1st: Conrad Flake,
student of Ning Lu
2nd: Isabella Bueno, student of Koji Attwood
3rd: Victor N. Young, student of Ning Lu
HM: Olivia Jiang, student of Jie Lu
HM: Sophie Zheng, student of Ning Lu

High School Division Winners:
1st: David Sun,
student of Irene Peery-Fox
2nd: Marquessa Torbensen, student of Ralph van der Beek
3rd: Michael Silas, student of Kimi Kawashima
HM: Ryan Chen, student of Gary Amano
HM: Will Merkley, student of Amy Merkley

Collegiate Division Winners:
1st: Brooke Ballard,
student of Scott Holden
2nd: Ting-Yu (Cindy) Lu, student of Yu-Jane Yang
3rd: Chia-Li Chou, student of Yu-Jane Yang
HM: Hao-Wen Chang, student of Cahill Smith