Conference presentations have been prerecorded in order to facilitate watching at your convenience.
They may be viewed as many times as desired. Content will be accessible until June 2021.

** Use of headphones may help with volume control.

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Piano for Life: Developing Skills for a Lifetime of Musical Enjoyment

Dr. E.L. Lancaster
(60 minute video)

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The Art of Asking Questions
for Positive Motivation

Dr. Christie Sowby, NCTM
(36 minute video)
Beautiful Addition: Melodic Improvisation
Techniques for Intermediate Students

Dr. Pamela Jones (45 minute video)

Making a Joyful Noise:
Hymn-playing as a Jumping-off Point
for Other Practical Keyboard Skills

Dr. Kevin Olson, NCTM
(30 minute video)
A Pianist Without Fingertips:
What I've learned

Emily Jorgenson, NCTM (38 minute video)

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