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Welcome Address
UMTA President
(Paula Manwaring)

Conference Concert

Misha Galant

2020 Conference


Teacher Awards
Student Awards

MTNA/UMTA Competition

Introduction to
Achievement in Music

AIM Technique
Piano Marvel

AIM Judge Training

AIM Judge Training
Technique & Sight Reading

University Share
(Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel)

Theory: To Be or Not To Be? There Shouldn't Be a Question!
(Martha Hilley)

Creative Ways to Develop Skills for a Lifetime
(Dr. E.L. Lancaster)

The Art of Asking Questions for Positive Motivation
(Dr. Christie Sowby )

Coping With Covid:
Panel Discussion
(Barbara Gill - Host)

Building Skills for the Collaborative Pianist
(Juliet Preston )

Adapting & Surviving: Teach Young Piano Beginners Online
(Jingjing Shao)

All in the Family
IMTF Survey
(Karen Johnson)

Certification is For You!
(Lori Serr)

A Dash of Diversity: Sounds of Latin America
(Cody Goetz and Dr. Alejandro Cremaschi )

Melodic  Improvisation Techniques for Interm. Students
(Dr. Pamela Jones )

A Step by Step Approach to Teaching Cross Rhythms
(Dr. Nancy Allred)

Introducing Repertoire: Strategies that go Beyond
(Dr. E.L. Lancaster)

Good Medicine: Helping Students Identify Destructive Behaviors
(Patrice Hunt )

Collegiate Chapters:
It Does A Body Good!

Making a Joyful Noise: Hymns & Practical Keyboard Skills
(Dr. Kevin Olson )

A Pianist Without Fingertips: What I've Learned
(Emily Jorgenson)

Making MUSIC
Come Alive!
(Gretchen Tanner)

Games That Teach Slow~Careful~Perfect Practice
(Deanna Mears)