MTNA Awards

MTNA annually presents several awards, which recognize excellence in music teaching, research and other significant contributions to music education. Those awarded to UMTA members are shown below. Past winners are found in the UMTA Archives.

2019 MTNA Affiliate of the Year

The 2019 MTNA National Conference was held in Spokane, Washington where Utah Music Teachers Association was given the distinct honor of being named:

2019 State Affiliate of the Year
Utah Music Teachers Association
Laurisa Cope, NCTM, president

The Utah Music Teachers Association uses four words or phrases to describe its members.

The first is Unselfish. They give their time and talents not only to their own students and studios, but to the communities in which they live, and to make UMTA the best organization it can be.

The second is Teacher Education and Communication. UMTA works tirelessly to update their website, Nationally Certify its members, execute an unparalleled conference, push their Achievement in Music Program, pursue ways to get to know and involve the collegiate members, and collaborate with local associations.

The third is Achievement. From 2017-2018, UMTA had 77 students participate in the performance competitions, with student winners coming from 19 different teachers. They had 5 students participate in the composition competitions, with student winners coming from 5 different teachers.

Finally, History! Utahans are known for their desire to keep a history of their roots. UMTA has a strong history that spans over 60 years. They have a a history of exceptional and distinctive teaching at all levels, including 33 MTNA Performance Competition 1st place winners, four Collegiate Chapter of the Year winners and two Studio Teacher Fellowship winners.

Every member of UMTA contributes to its wonderful history and incredible future.

Sandra Preysz Endowment Fund

The Music Teachers National Association has an established endowment program to honor prestigious music teachers throughout the United States. The Sandra Preysz Endowment Fund was created in 2018-19 to honor Sandra Preysz by her friends and family, current and former students, and music colleagues.

As a member of the Utah Music Teachers Association State Board for more than 39 years, Sandra Lewis Preysz, NCTM, has served in various capacities including Membership Chair and State Newsletter editor. She is equally devoted to the National Federation of Music Clubs and Utah Federation of Music Clubs and serves as the Festivals Chair for both organizations. Sandra attended the University of Utah where she graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in English. She currently teaches more than 75 students. In her free time, Sandra loves to read, sail, ski, play tennis, cook, and travel the world. Sandraís life-long dedication to her students and her profession is unprecedented. The legacy she has left can be found in the countless lives she has influenced throughout her lifetime.

2018 -- 19 MTNA Foundation Fellow

The Music Teachers National Association Foundation Fellow award honors deserving individuals while supporting the efforts of the MTNA Foundation Fund through a donation to the Foundation Fund in an individualís name. Each year new MTNA Fellows are recognized at the MTNA National Conference. Fellows receive a complimentary ticket to the Gala, an attractive MTNA Fellow certificate and pin. New Fellows are prominently recognized on the Foundation Fund website and their names appear on a plaque located at the MTNA National Headquarters.

MTNA proudly honors Coila Peterson Robinson, NCTM, of Bountiful, Utah with the 2018 Ė 2019 Foundation Fellow award.

Coila joined UMTA in October, 1973, on the suggestion of her husband, and has been greatly blessed with much knowledge and wonderful friends.

She served as Chapter President in Walla Walla WSMTA Chapter, 1978-1981, and Davis-UMTA 1989-1991; UMTA Secretary 1994-2004; UMTA Historian 1994-2010 and 2012-2016; Newsletter editor 1995-2004; served on six UMTA Conference committees, and was 2008 and 2009 state conference chair; UMTA President 2010-2012; co-compiler with Lezlee Bishop of Utah Music Teachers Association THrough the Years, a 50 year history, published 2006; co-presented with several colleagues in state conferences, and with Cheryl Norman at 2008 MTNA Conference.

She was the recipient of the 2015 UMTA Legacy Award. She has also served on MTNA Task Force on Pre-College Student Membership, and MTNA Teacher of the Year committees, 2014-15, chair 2016-17. She has a Bachelor of Music/Choral and Vocal Performance Secondary Option, from Utah State University. Coila taught piano for 43 years, in five locations, and loved working with young people; ensemble work was a required studio activity for all students.

Her other interests include US and International travel with her husband, reading, quilt making, singing with the choir, Utah Voices, and family history. She and her husband are currently serving LDS Church Service Missions at FamilySearch/Scan.

MTNA's "Local Association" Nominee

MTNA honored Tooele, Utah's UMTA chapter with the Southwest Division Local Association Nominee award.

Over the years, teachers in the Tooele Chapter of Utah Music Teachers Association have continued in their valiant efforts to strengthen their local association despite a small number of members. They have raised awareness of their presence in the community and have actively recruited teachers through open houses, personal invitations and networking. They are hoping to help local teachers recognize the benefits of being a member of UMTA/MTNA. They are optimistic and enthusiastic as they work to increase membership.

They implement a strong Achievement in Music (AIM) program that has been successful for many years. Not only do they provide excellent chapter meetings with interesting presentations, but they organize regular chapter recitals and ensemble and concerto concerts. Teachers perform in all events as well as the students. Each teacher benefits from association with other teachers and their students benefit from the activities provided.

The teachers in this chapter use creativity and ingenuity as they plan activities. Just before school started last year, a preschool activity was held in the park, where students played music theory games. A silent movie was also accompanied by students. An ensemble concert with a theme was a lot of fun for students as they attended in costume. Service projects were scheduled in nursing homes.

The teachers of the Tooele Chapter are a tribute to the power and influence of a handful of dedicated teachers. They have made their town a better place and enriched the lives of hundreds of students over the years. Thatís what MTNA is all about.

UMTA Receives MTNA Affiliate Enrichment Grant

At the beginning of June 2018, UMTA was advised that the Affiliate Enrichment Grant applied for had been granted. The application was made in an effort to help fund the re-structuring of the UMTA website. This was to be a major overhaul and would take a lot of time and money. The last major renovation of UMTA's website presence took place in 2010. It was definitely time to make improvements, and the enrichment grant helped make it possible.