Piano Day Worldwide Celebration

March 29, 2019

“Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons, but mostly to celebrate the piano and everything surrounding it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most importantly, the listener.” – Nils Frahm (founder of Piano Day)

The aim of the day is to create a platform for piano-related projects in order to promote the development of musical dimensions and to continue sharing the centuries-old joy of playing piano. Piano Day welcomes all kinds of piano lovers — young and old, amateur and professional, of any musical direction – to join in this year's festivities. It is intended to be the most joyful of all holidays!

Organize your own Piano Day Celebration! Send UMTA and the folks at Piano Day details of your event via info@pianoday.org.

Piano Day Ideas Large and Small
Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
• Post a video of you performing a piano piece
• Share a favorite composer quote about piano
• Share a video or recording of your favorite piano piece in social media
• Post pictures of unusual, antique pianos, or street pianos

• Research ten interesting facts about the history of the piano
• Research the evolution of keyboard instruments through the modern day piano
• Create a list of pieces to learn in the future
• Create a Piano Day playlist of piano repertoire
• Write a poem and share

• Play Piano
• Create a mini-studio practice-a-thon and donate proceeds to a local charity or art project
• Piano Day studio recital or play-a-thon
• Performance at an alternative venue, such as, a local gallery, coffee shop, street piano site, or retirement home.

How will you celebrate the Piano Day? Create your own piano events with friends – anything that is piano inspired! Share your videos, poems, photos and don’t forget to tag #pianoday and #utahmta on your posts! Let us know about your ideas so that we can support your event in this worldwide Piano Day celebration.
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