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Patrice Hunt

UMTA has been blessed to have many great members throughout the years. Inevitably, the time comes when some of these members pass away, often leaving a great legacy behind with family members, students, and with our UMTA family.

As we are made aware of these individuals, we will post the information we receive here, with links to their obituaries when possible.

Please contact one of the website chairs if you are aware of a UMTA member's death.


Marla Gault taught piano throughout her adult life, guiding students until the very end. For decades, every December on Beethoven's birthday, her students would perform while family and friends indulged in homemade butter cookies, spiked eggnog and laughter late into the night. She had been a member of UMTA/Sandy Chapter. Marla's obituary

Sally Jan Lindsay Sanders sang and played the piano from an early age; it remained her life’s work and comfort. She taught piano and touched the lives of many others through her love of music. Sally Sanders was a long-time member of the Sandy Chapter. Sally's obituary

Carolee Gale Eriksson, a music inspiration, returned to her heavenly home on Monday, May 30, 2022. Her legacy of joyful living and musical appreciation lives on in her family, hundreds of piano students, musicians, and music teachers inspired by her throughout the world. Carolee Ericksson was a beloved member of UMTA-Davis Chapter. Carolee's obituary


Gary “Professor” Amano, age 73, passed away unexpectedly in his home on December 23, 2021.

He was a master musician and pianist whose profound and pure love for teaching touched the lives of countless students and individuals throughout the community and world.
Gary’s lifelong commitment to music was driven by a rare and selfless dedication to his many students. Though he is no longer with us, his legacy will continue to impact generations to come.

With respect to his wishes, neither an obituary or funeral will be planned at this time. To be informed of a celebration of life service on a future date, please send name, phone number and email address to
Dr. Diana Page - Ogden Chapter
Diana's obituary
Elaine Holbrook - Davis Chapter
Elaine's obituary
Dr. Lynn Dean, former UMTA President (2008-2010), passed away July 23rd after 3 weeks of fighting complications due to Covid19. He contributed so much to UMTA and all he taught and with whom he had association.

His legacy of always bringing Crispy Creme donuts to every UMTA Board Meeting, along with his jokes and light-hearted personality will be sorely missed by all of his friends and colleagues throughout UMTA, the State of Utah, and New Mexico where he left an equally strong legacy.

"On through the fog, Kimosabe!!"

Read his obituary here.
Dr. Bonnie Winteron, was a long-time member of UMTA, and was on the piano faculty at the University of Utah.

Bonnie's obituary
Ellen Baggaley, UMTA member from the Sandy chapter passed away recently on August 15, 2021.
Ellen's obituary
Janet Mann, UMTA member, recently passed away due to a massive heart attack after complications with a Delta variant of Covid that broke through her vaccination. Janet's obituary
Long-time UMTA member, and past president of the Salt Lake Chapter, Marlene Hill passed away August 21, 2021.
Marlene's obituary