Code of Ethics

We, as members of Music Teachers National Association, having dedicated ourselves to the advancement of musical knowledge and education, aspire to the following principles of ethical practice as standards of professional conduct. Voluntarily following this Code of Ethics will demonstrate and enhance each memberís professional integrity, fostering respect from our fellow colleagues.

Responsibilities To Our Students:
  • The relationship between teacher and student shall be established, maintained and terminated in a professional manner with dignity and respect.
  • Members are responsible for encouraging, guiding, and developing the musical potential of each student, with the teacher clearly communicating the expectations of the studio.
  • Members shall encourage students to participate in school, church, and community music activities.
  • Members will expect students and parents to cooperate with UMTA eventsí schedules, and to maintain the highest standard of conduct and civility when participating in UMTA/MTNA functions.
  • Members shall sustain the decisions of judges and demonstrate to their students and parents respect for those who administer UMTA programs, recognizing that UMTA programs are run by voluntary efforts.

Responsibilities To Our Colleagues:
  • Members shall maintain a professional attitude and shall act with integrity in regard to colleagues in their profession.
  • Members shall participate as fully as possible in activities of Music Teachers National Association.
  • Members shall provide professional assistance to one another as possible when such assistance is requested.
  • Members shall respect the rights of colleagues when speaking of other teachers' work and/or students and shall avoid conflict with the instruction of a student's regular teacher when serving as an interim instructor.
  • Members entering transfer students in any UMTA program who have studied in the past year with another teacher will acknowledge previous teacherís contributions.

Responsibilities To Our Public:
  • Members shall maintain the highest standard of moral conduct, professional conduct, and personal integrity.
  • Members shall exhibit the highest standard of expertise by maintaining their professional abilities in their fields of teaching and performing.
  • Members shall maintain and increase the prestige of the art of teaching and shall promote the teaching of music as a culturally enriching profession.
  • When asked, members shall assist those seeking guidance in selecting an independent teacher by suggesting the names of two or more teachers in the community. The final choice shall be made by the parent and student.
  • Members shall refrain from making exaggerated claims or misleading statements concerning their teaching qualifications. Advertising copy shall be dignified, strictly truthful and representative of the art of music and its responsibility to the community.

Approved by Utah MTA board, August 24, 2013.