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UMTA is a platform for motivated musicians, colleagues, and friends to CONNECT with each other, to INSPIRE and be inspired, to MENTOR and be mentored. We all want to be the kind of teacher that impacts our students’ lives in a meaningful way.

UMTA is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of music education, and provides many resources to help the aspiring teacher. The kindness and expertise of Utah’s amazing teachers and professionals creates a space for belonging.

At UMTA you have a voice and an opportunity for meaningful participation, whether coming from years of study and experience, or just getting started.


Here are just a few ways UMTA membership can benefit you:

  1. Become a member of a Local UMTA Chapter, attending monthly workshops and CONNECTING with fellow teachers.
  2. Attend the annual UMTA State Conference for the best INSPIRATION available on a variety of musical subjects.
  3. Looking for the best way to MENTOR your students? Enroll them in one of UMTA’s excellent student programs.

Join UMTA today – you’ll be glad you did, and so will your students!


Upcoming Events

UMTA Honors Recitals

October 27-28 at Daynes Music

Students selected from regional evaluations will perform.

For more info: Performance Evaluations

2023 State Conference

“Great Expectations”
November 3-4, 2023
Thanksgiving Point, Lehi

Keynote Speaker: Jihea Hong-Park, pianist, professor, leader
Guest Artist: Steven Vanhauwaert, pianist
For more info: UMTA State Conference

Calendar of Events

UMTA has wonderful and exciting events throughout the year.
There is something for everyone!

For more info: View Events

Recent News

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2022-23 UMTA Teacher Awards

AIM Teacher of the Year - Rowena Bunce

Advocacy in Action - Asheley Madsen Watabe

Legacy Award Winners - Bonnie Slaughter, NCTM, Shawn Bastian, NCTM

UMTA Awards

2023 UMTA Composition Competition

2023 UMTA Composition Competition is now completed and winners have been announced.

UMTA Composition Awards

2022 & 2023 UMTA/MTNA Competitions

2022 Winners List

Info for 2023 MTNA performance and composition registration: